The Pulse of it: the Effects of Dietary Pulse Inclusion up to 45% on Cardiac Function, Fasted Sulfur Amino Acid Status, Body Composition, and Hematological and Biochemical Measurements in Healthy Adult Dogs



Singh, Pawanpreet

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University of Guelph


Due to the increasing global demand for dietary protein, it is necessary to investigate protein alternatives that are sustainable in regard to nutritional requirements and environmental impact. Pulse ingredients are an attractive protein alternative often used in grain-free or plant-based canine diets, however, in recent years pulses have been speculated to be associated with dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs. Therefore, this thesis was focused to investigate the effects of incremental pulse inclusion from 0 to 45% in micro and macronutrient balanced diets on canine cardiac and metabolic health. After 20 weeks of feeding, the inclusion of dietary pulses did not have negative effects on cardiac function, sulfur amino acid status, lean body mass or gross measures of health in healthy adult dogs. These results support that pulse ingredients, specifically in combination with each other up to 45% inclusion, are safe for canine consumption.



dilated cardiomyopathy, pulse, canine, echocardiogram, taurine, grain-free, methionine