The Improvement of Methods for Small Scale Prairie Restoration on Naturalized Areas of Roadsides, Urban Parks and Golf Courses

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Shi, Ling
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University of Guelph

Prairie ecosystems reduce maintenance costs, support native pollinators and improve ecosystem service of golf courses, roadsides and urban parks. The two objectives of this study were 1) to improve species selection and seeding methods for prairie establishment based on germination factors and 2) to improve seedbed preparation and seeding method. Differences were found between the 17 different species preferences for pH, seeding depth, and temperature, with most species native to southwest Ontario preferring calcareous sand. Overseeding into existing turfgrass vegetation was ineffective for establishing native species in the first year. Glyphosate application before rototilling was not different than rototilling alone with respect to species richness and diversity at both sites. At the lower-managed site, glyphosate application had fewer weeds than rototilling alone. The two sites tested had similar establishment with black-eyed Susan dominating the canopy of the rototilled plots in the first year at both sites.

prairie restoration, naturalized areas, roadsides, urban parks, golf courses