100% Vegan: A Recipe for Identity Made with Real Values, Practices, Gender and Other Social Ingredients




Hunter, Devan

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University of Guelph


Veganism, as a movement, has grown exponentially in Western countries over the past two decades with self-identified women driving the majority of this growth. Sensitive to the gendered nature of consumption, this thesis provides an intimate profile of the everyday lives of vegans within a Canadian context. Drawing on interviews with 21 vegans living within a 65 kilometer radius of Guelph, Ontario, data from this qualitative study yields insights into the motivations, values and lifestyle practices of vegans; the gendered differences in these; and, how the intersection of gender identity and vegan identity is navigated both internally and within social contexts. Employing a feminist-Bourdieuisan framework, along with second phase theories of practice in this analysis, findings from this study detail a thorough outline of the vegan habitus and the ways gender mediates this.



veganism, practice theories, gender identity, consumption