A framework for discussion on the environment

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Ministry of Supply and Services Canada

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Environment Canada, Government of Canada


The Government of Canada will release The Green Plan: A National Challenge to inform Canadians about the most serious environmental problems they face in the coming years and describe some of the programs, laws and other actions the Government will implement in order to address those problems. The plan will also describe the vital role private sector groups and individuals must play if we are to reverse years of environmental abuse and prevent future environmental degradation.This document, Framework for Discussion on the Environment, summarizes the issues that will be addressed in The Green Plan. It also outlines specific environmental problems and explores options for dealing with them. This discussion paper is divided into three sections. Section one provides a statement of the challenge, in both its global and domestic dimensions. Section two offers a long-term policy strategy for moving toward sustainable development in Canada, emphasizing the need for better decision-making. Section three ad-dresses the environmental issues and related health concerns uppermost in the minds of Canadians, including toxic substances, environmental emergencies, atmospheric change and water quality.


Green Plan


environmental sustainability, conservation, agriculture, agri-food sector, natural resources