Characteristics of male and female recipients of sexual coercion



Hartwick, Cailey

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University of Guelph


The current study attempted to replicate past findings on the prevalence and context of men's experience with female initiated sexual coercion, specifically the coercive strategies utilized, the sexual activities that ensued, and the relationship between the initiator and recipient were examined. Participants were 251 male and 267 female University students. Findings were largely consistent with past literature indicating a prevalence of 38.8% for men and 47.9% for women. In addition, the predictive value of recipient characteristics was explored and gender comparisons were undertaken to investigate whether sexually coerced men and women share similar characteristics. Results revealed that sexually coercive experiences of both men and women could be predicted by number of sexual partners, number of romantic relationships, the longest romantic relationship, and a belief in men's sexual accessibility. Implications of these findings are discussed in reference to the sexual script theory.



prevalence, context, men's experience, female initiator, sexual coercion, coercive strategies, sexual activities, relationship, sexually coercive experiences