Kettle Creek Watershed: Surface water quality and waste loading guidelines



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Ontario Ministry of the Environment


To define water quality and quantity characteristics of the Kettle Creek Watershed and the capability of the stream to accept treated wastes, a study was conducted during the summer of 1973. Particular emphasis was placed on reaches receiving wastes from the municipalities of St. Thomas, Belmont and Port Stanley where developmental pressures continue to be exerted and on Dodd Creek - a tributary receiving treated wastes from the Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. plant. This report updates an unpublished survey conducted in 1966 by the Ontario Water Resources Commission which established preliminary organic loading guidelines solely for the City of St. Thomas and an interim report to the City of St. Thomas issued in 1974. Also, the report documents the results of a brief survey of surface water quality in Port Stanley Harbour and adjacent Lake Erie conducted during the summer of 1975. Water quality was determined by monitoring chemical, physical and bacteriological characteristics over a twenty-four or forty-eight hour interval. Response of aquatic life was documented through a study of fish and bottom fauna populations. Long-term streamflow data were utilized to define streamflow characteristics in the critical areas. Mathematical modelling techniques provided a tool to predict the effects of various loadings on water quality. Acceptable loading guidelines designed to protect water uses of the stream are presented in this report.


Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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watershed, water use, streamflow, water temperature, water chemistry, dissolved oxygen, bacteria, coliforms, biological indicators, waste treatment, waste treatment techniques