Relationships between land use and water quality in Southwestern Ontario



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Ontario Ministry of the Environment


The general objective of this study is to prepare a report which defines clearly and simply the general nature and extent of water quality impairment resulting from agricultural land use throughout the MOE Southwestern Region. To accomplish this general objective and to provide a focus for the work, a number of specific objectives were identified as follows: to illustrate the degree of water quality impairment, via violations of Provincial Water Quality Objectives; to determine differences in water quality throughout the Region, and reasons for these differences; to identify the land use activities that relate most closely to water quality; to show water quality trends over time, and reasons for these trends; to identify which water quality parameters are of greatest concern, and which ones require greater future attention; to present management suggestions arising from the analysis of water quality as related to land use; and to evaluate the results of this project in light of previous studies.


Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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water quality, land use, water quality impairment, pollution source, agriculture, spatial characteristics, relationship trends, management practices, monitoring