Digital Agriculture Technology's Capacity to Reduce On-Farm Environmental Impacts: Perspectives from Canadian Oilseed and Grain Farmers


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University of Guelph


Canadian farmers are met with the multifaceted challenge of producing enough food to meet growing populations while adjusting to novel weather patterns and meeting climate change targets. Concurrently, digital agriculture technologies are increasingly employed with the promise of higher yields, efficiency, and reduced environmental impacts. This research aims to understand how Canadian farmers use digital agriculture technologies to reduce their environmental impacts through the analysis of a survey and interviews with 20 Canadian farmers and industry experts. The findings of this research suggest that digital agriculture technologies can help minimize a farming operation’s environmental impact, and farmers require additional incentives and supports to use digital agriculture technologies to reduce their on-farm negative environmental externalities. This research provides a strong foundation for further empirical research as well as private and public policy recommendations.



Digital Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Precision Agriculture, Canadian Agriculture