Examining the Relationships between Men's and Women's Motives for Pretending Orgasm and Levels of Sexual Desire, and Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction

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Séguin, Léa

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University of Guelph


Motivations for sex have an impact on sexual desire, and relationship and sexual satisfaction. However, it is not known whether motivations for pretending orgasm similarly impact these constructs. In three studies, North American men and women (N = 525) in committed relationships between the ages of 18 and 29 were recruited via Amazon Mechanical Turk to complete an online survey. In Study 1, exploratory factor analysis revealed that motives for feigning orgasm could be organized into six categories: Intoxication, Partner Self-Esteem, Poor Sex/Partner, Desireless Sex, Timing, and Insecurity, which together comprise the Motives for Feigning Orgasms Scale (MOFO). Motives were found to affect women’s satisfaction, but not their desire, while motivations were not found to be impactful among men. In Study 2, confirmatory factor analysis was performed on the MOFO and, in Study 3, its test-retest reliability was assessed. The findings of this research support and inform current sexual scripts.



orgasm, pretending orgasm, feigning orgasm, faking orgasm, motivations, motives, sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, sexual desire