O. A. C. Review Volume XXIX Issue 10, June 1917



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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue's articles address methods of pruning of apple trees, a warning to prevent forest fires, how mosquitoes have effected history, apiculture in Northern Ontario, the propagation of turnips, and a report on visiting a commercial greenhouse. Poultry articles consist of profiting from crate feeding chickens and instructions for raising young chicks. The effects of the war are evident in two articles regarding the problem of finding suitable employment for the returning soldiers, and the need for producing more quality horses. Campus news features the examination results of the students. The Macdonald column recounts the New Short Course Class initiation. The Alumni column consists of news of alumni who have enlisted in the war, obituaries, and that the honour roll now contains the names of 470 students.



OAC Review, College news, editorial, agriculture, apple orchard, pruning, forest fires, short story, mosquitoes, pest control, honey, apiculture, Northern Ontario, turnip, battery cage, crate feeding, poultry, chicks, artificial incubation, commercial greenhouse, soldiers, land settlement, unemployment, fruit packaging, tractor, honour roll, obituary, enlistments, photographs, examination results, Macdonald Institute, women's initiation, horse breeding, profitability, alumnae, local news, personals, alumni, Guelph