The effects of livestock manure application methods on water quality, focusing on nitrogen and bacteria transport in soil: Final report

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

In a joint effort between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, this study was conducted with the following objectives: 1) To evaluate several manure management application techniques used in conservation management systems to determine the best method to minimize downward movement of nutrient and bacteria to tile drains under three different soil types; 2) To compare fuel consumption requirements of manure management application techniques and recommend practices with field scale testing; 3) Conduct detailed crop monitoring to determine the effects of the manure application methods on crop growth and yield.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Waste Management Reports
manure, manure application, manure management application techniques, nutrients, bacteria, soil type, fuel consumption, crop growth, crop yield