Impact of Nutritional Management Regimen and Residual Feed Intake on Cow Performance during Mid to Late Gestation and Pre-weaning Calf Performance




Spence, Katelyn

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University of Guelph


This study examined the impact of strategic supplementation of straw-based diets with an energy-protein supplement and previously established residual feed intake (RFI) classification on beef cow performance (body weight, condition, feed intake, reproductive performance) in mid to late gestation and pre-weaning calf performance. Nutritional management regimens included nutrient adequate and deficient diets, along with examining frequency of supplementation to correct nutrient deficient diets. RFI classification was used to measure feed efficiency. RFI classification changes between years, and second and third trimesters were evaluated to establish influence of nutritional management regimen. Blood parameters were evaluated to assess effects of strategic supplementation in late gestation. The overall objective of the study was to evaluate how supplementation of low quality feed stuffs affects cow performance. The overall goal was to reduce the cost of production in beef cow-calf operations, with the use of more feed efficient cows and low quality feed stuffs.



RFI, Gestation, Beef Cattle, Low-quality Diets