A project selection model for swine research evaluation



Pereyra, Carlos Alberto

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University of Guelph


Swine research evaluation and project selection refer to assessing the economic effects of research on the Industry. Research is an investment that must compete with other activities for scarce resources, and research sponsoring agencies have to decide what resources to make available, and how to allocate resources across projects, people and places. This thesis describes a Project Selection model for Swine Research Evaluation which consists of a scoring procedure, the evaluation of each project, and a portfolio selection which will set the research portfolio that will bring the highest benefits to the industry. The model allows to allocate research funds according to research priority areas established by the research sponsoring agency. The results of a public survey conducted with swine industry stakeholders are also presented. The survey represents an important input about research priority areas and criteria for project evaluation in swine research.



swine research evaluation, project selection, economic effects, research, research sponsoring agencies, swine industry, stakeholders