How Imagery and Text Combinations May Improve the Perception of Quality of a Post-Secondary School’s Brand via Social Media



Gray, Adam

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University of Guelph


Within the service industry, post-secondary education continues to be a driving force behind successful societies. Therefore, the information sent to prospective students is critical in the early stages of applying and must be accurate. This study investigates how images and texts used on social media may communicate levels of quality covering the dimensions identified in the HEdPERF scale (Abdullah, 2006) and if those judgements influence behavioural intentions towards a university. While there were varied results across the dimensions and the data presented limited significant results, there were still trends and implications impacting the established literature and providing guidance for future research. There is a need to further develop accurate scales that represent the different aspects of the service industry, while also considering marketing and communications through social media. There will continue to be competition to attract applicants and attendees to post-secondary schools and how institutions portray themselves will be crucial.



Quality, Social Media, Instagram, Marketing, Educational Marketing, Perceived Quality, University, Post-Secondary, Signaling Theory, Advertising Effectiveness, HEdPERF, SERVQUAL, Quality Judgement, Behavioural Intention