Immigrant Voices: An Exploration of Immigrants' Experiences in Rural Ontario




Arora, Pallak

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University of Guelph


Immigration has been an important characteristic of Canadian society for years as it has often been used as a tool to maintain and grow population. In recent history, most immigrants have chosen to migrate to urban areas, especially the three metropolitan cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. However, the current state of rural areas in Canada has created a need for attracting and retaining immigrants. For instance, rural parts of Ontario are experiencing a relative decline in population due to out-migration of youth and an ageing cohort of baby-boomers. Challenges in maintaining population growth and revitalising the economy has reignited the discussion about attracting immigrants to communities outside the urban core. This project started out of interest in finding out about the experiences of skilled migrants who are currently residing in rural Ontario. It presents an exploratory case of a small number of immigrants who have been living in the Bruce-Grey area for less than 10 years. These unique individual stories delve deep into the successes and challenges, the barriers and opportunities faced by an immigrant living in a rural Canadian town.



rural immigration, transitions, rural Ontario, immigrant experience