School Strike 4 Climate (Justice): Exploring the Experiences of Climate Strike Organizers in Canada

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Wlasichuk, Jayden

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University of Guelph


Within the Canadian climate strike movement, there are varying understandings of climate justice, a principle the movement claims to advocate for. This thesis explores the understandings and definitions of climate justice from the perspective of climate strike organizers from across Canada and the ways in which climate justice is represented and communicated from the Canadian national organizing body, Climate Strike Canada. To explore these understandings and communications, I began by conducting semi-structured interviews with climate strike organizers; I then analyzed the Climate Strike Canada Instagram page. Through critique of these data, I argue that climate justice for these climate strikers is action-oriented and emotional, and that it is deeply rooted in place and time. These findings reveal the ways in which climate strikers define, practice, and ground their climate justice through everyday actions in the climate strike movement, and it explores the unique experiences of climate strike organizers across Canada.



Climate Justice, Climate Strike, Climate Strike Canada, Youth Climate Strike, Fridays for Future, Youth Climate Action, Fridays for Future Canada, Climate Justice Canada, Climate Strikers, Eco-Emotions, Youth Advocacy, Social Media Advocacy