Spells For Breaking Elegantly

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Strickland, Sara Jane

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University of Guelph


Spells For Breaking Elegantly takes on the form of a long, cyclic poem divided into three untitled sections of shorter poems. The text utilizes simple diction, white space and short line breaks to stage effects of slowness and stillness. These poems create an atmosphere where the magical and the mundane interact within different worlds – specifically the world inhabited while grieving. This is a spell that summons the future; the act of saying the poem aloud is the act of invoking. These poems hope to shape a world in which grief breathes and living things flourish and overflow, rather than decay. This is a world that allows for alchemy and exists in a space of ambiguity and levitation – what goes up does not always come down. Narrative time is ceased or multiple temporalities may exist. Evoking a state of intense grief, it is a space where logic and rationality can be suspended.



poems, poetry