The controlled access of livestock to open watercourses

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Graham, Andrew
Knight, Gerald

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Queen's Printer for Ontario


Staff associated with the Stratford/Avon River Environmental Management Project worked with three farming landowners in the Upper Avon Basin to demonstrate cost-effective means of controlling or restricting livestock from open watercourses. This technical report deals with the identification of each problem situation and recommendations to be considered in the design of the remedial measure. Two projects demonstrated controlled access of livestock to an open drain; the third project involved restricting livestock from the drain altogether. Various crossing designs and fencing alternatives were used in the projects. The landowners concerned, proved to be receptive to the approaches used to control or prevent access of livestock to open watercourses. Further monitoring of these demonstrations will give better indication of their effectiveness in reducing sediment and nutrient loadings to downstream areas.


Stratford-Avon River Environmental Management Project (SAREMP)
Pre-SAREMP Reports


river, agriculture, livestock, livestock waste, erosion, remediation, drain, controlled access, fencing, management practices