O. A. C. Review Volume XXX Issue 4, December 1917



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Ontario Agricultural College


This expanded issue contains agricultural articles regarding Aberdeen Angus cattle, improving the profitability of poultry production, results of the O. A. C. livestock sale, neglect of the farm apple orchard, a report on the Conference of Potato Growers, and an outline of the stock judging trip by the senior class. Other articles include the advent of powered milk, how to increase Canada's food supply, the potential in farming in Western Canada, and famous Christmas days in Canadian history. This issue printed the winners of the O. A. C. Review's competition in short stories, poetry, photographs, and cartoons. Wartime articles include the rules and regulations of sending food to prisoners of war, and tile drainage during wartime. Campus news reports on the new Union Government's immigration bill, the success of the production of The Cricket on the Hearth, and the results of the athletic teams for rugby, baseball, basketball, and track. The reinstituted Query column answers agricultural queries. The Macdonald column reports on the creation of a chapter of the Daughters of the Empire, and women's tennis tournament results. The Alumni column is extensive in this issue with the listing of the Honor Roll, a list of the alumni killed in the war, and the military addresses of the seniors on active service.



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