Parent and pre-adolescent attributions for compliance issues



Vanier, Melanie

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University of Guelph


This thesis is an investigation of parent and pre-adolescent attributions for compliance and noncompliance situations, and the linkages between these attributions and self-esteem and future expectations. Forty parents and their children (10-to-14-years-old) participated. Participants completed a series of questionnaires. Participants were asked to make causal attributions for children's compliant and noncompliant responses to parental requests, and to indicate their expectations for future compliance. Parents also completed a parenting self-esteem scale, and children completed two scales on self-esteem within a family context. The findings revealed significant parent-child differences on all attribution dimensions. In addition, attributions for compliance issues were related to self-esteem and expectations in different ways for parents and pre-adolescents. The results were discussed in terms of parents' authority in relation to their children, and in terms of the different goals that stem from this power difference. Implications for parent-child relations and for future research were discussed.



parent, pre-adolescent, attribution, compliance situtations, noncompliance situations, self-esteem, future expectations