O. A. C. Review Volume XXIX Issue 11, July 1917

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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue's articles consist of an overview of the fruit industry in Canada, the destructiveness of the Cherry Fruit Fly, the profitability and nutrition of milk, contamination of eggs, and an ornithological observation of flycatchers. Two secondary school teachers provide their perspective on agricultural education, and domestic science education in secondary schools. A wartime article advocates the benefits of vaccinating soldiers against typhoid. Campus news includes an allegory for an O. A. C. education, and an editorial on daylight savings time. The Macdonald column reports on the faculty luncheon. The Alumni column includes alumni news, military letters, and obituaries.



OAC Review, College news, editorial, agriculture, fruit industry Canada, short story, typhoid vaccination, soldiers, medicine, Cherry fruit fly, orchard pest, dairy industry Canada, nutrition, poultry hygiene, egg, contamination, agricultural education, secondary school, domestic science, birds, ornithology, Flycatcher, O. A. C. summer school, poetry, daylight savings time, obituary, military letters, marriage, faculty luncheon, alumnae, local news, personals, alumni, Guelph