The cultural logic of postmodernism as critiqued by Fredric Jameson: The social transformation of landscape architecture



Wilson, Lisa Tamara

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University of Guelph


This thesis is the investigation of the social transformation of metropolitan landscape architecture that has occurred within postmodern society. The metropolitan city is fundamentally different from the city of the modern era. As the transformation between the modern and the postmodern era occurred, the cultural construction of that society also changed. These changes to culture also influenced the psychological foundation of cultural production within society. This thesis creates a greater understanding of the psychological elements of postmodernism that influence the design of landscape architecture. This is achieved by creating a model of the key components of the current cultural logic, these being, 'time, space, action, truth and reality '. This model was developed from the critique of postmodern society which was presented by Fredric Jameson in his book 'Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism' (1991) and the philosophy of Hannah. By applying this model to 3 case studies of parks within Toronto, the evaluation of the current cultural condition of landscape architecture is performed.



social transformation, metropolitan landscape architecture, postmodern society, psychological elements, postmodernism, design, Fredric Jameson