Exploring the application of environmental communication strategies for landscape architecture




McDonald, Kaja

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University of Guelph


Environmental communication (EC) examines how audiences connect to information about the natural environment. EC is interested in strategies that frame information to facilitate improved relationships between humans and nature. The aim of this research is to identify key EC strategies and explore how these strategies can apply to landscape architecture. I developed a concept matrix of key strategies within EC through conducting a literature review. A communications expert assessed the identified concepts to affirm their relevancy. I composed a questionnaire and conducted semi-structured interviews with key informant landscape architects. An analysis of interview responses revealed which EC strategies were commonly used in landscape architecture, and the role ethics played in adopting these strategies. I also identified a need to further translate these concepts into compatible design terminology. Landscape architects equipped with an awareness of EC strategies can use this information to communicate the value of nature to different audiences and strengthen human-nature relationships through design.



communicating, framing, human-nature relationship, values