"I Would be Rude to Them": How Targets' Dispositions and Enactors' Resources Influence Perpetrator Behaviour



Provencher, Yannick

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University of Guelph


Using the perpetrator predation paradigm and (Cortina, 2017) and the conservation of resources theory, I extend our understanding of workplace incivility by explaining why individuals target others with uncivil omission behaviours. Hypotheses were tested using a policy-capturing design and multilevel analyses suggest that individuals portrayed as negative (i.e., moody) were more likely to be targets of uncivil omission behaviours compared to individuals depicted as positive (i.e., cheerful). Furthermore, participants were more likely to enact uncivil omission behaviours towards someone described as having drained their resources in a past encounter. Exploratory findings posit that individual differences might influence incivility enactment by omission: agreeableness and gender were negatively related to incivility enactment, whereas extraversion was positively related. This research provides support to the idea that some individuals might be targeted based on their personalities and that incivility by omission might be enacted to conserve resources. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.



incivility, omission, perpetrator, victim, target, personality, multilevel, policy-capturing