The Use of Persian Garden Elements in Public Green Spaces for Social Interaction Enhancement



Mokhberi, Seyedeh Sara

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University of Guelph


Public green spaces are considered important urban elements that enhance social interaction. The Persian Garden is among the best examples of public green space and one of the earliest successful examples in the urban landscape. Nowadays, due to the effects of urban development and land use change, researchers are interested in facilitating social interaction in public green spaces. This research aims to determine the possibility of the use of Persian Garden elements in public green spaces to enhance social interaction. A conceptual review of Persian and English literature explaining the Persian Garden characteristics as well as a review of the requirements for supporting social interaction were conducted. The results provide an overview of the Persian Garden characteristics, which are then evaluated for compatibility with social interaction. The research findings can benefit the design community by introducing Persian Garden elements as means to improve social interaction.



urban design, Public green spaces, land use changes, design community, design guidelines, urban landscape, urban development, Persian Garden, social interaction