Development of an Inexpensive Surface Soil Moisture Sensor Using Multipath Interference in Global Satellite Navigation System


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University of Guelph


Soil moisture is an essential environmental parameter for irrigation and food productivity, and quantification of its variations is essential to achieve sustainable and more productive agricultural practices. Global Navigation Satellite System Interferometric Reflectometry (GNSS-IR) is a technology to measure surface soil moisture from the proximity of GNSS receivers. Although the method shows the high potential to achieve field-scale areal soil moisture sensing with versatile hardware, The use of an inexpensive antenna and receiver in GNSS-IR-based soil moisture sensing has not been investigated. In this research, an inexpensive GNSS receiver system has been developed and tested at 3 field locations. The result showed a good agreement between volumetric water content and GNSS-IR-based estimation, yet further investigation is needed for improved accuracy.



GNSS-IR, Soil Moisture