Transcendent journeys: experiences of interdenominational couples

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Maurer, Michele

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University of Guelph


Religious difference has been a precipitating factor of war and persecution for centuries. Yet, within the sanctity of people's intimate relationships, harmony is nurtured between members of historically polarized camps. They endure challenges but along their journeys, they also engineer strategies and solutions that work, and reap enriching benefits for their relationship. This constructivist, qualitative inquiry is an exploratory study of the experiences of interdenominational Catholic and Protestant couples. Eight individuals from four couples participated in group, couple and/or individual semi-structured interviews. A theme analysis was completed and emergent themes and categories are presented. Included are the benefits, challenges, strategies, and solutions employed by these couples, followed by their recommendations to therapists. Results are discussed considering their connection to the existing literature on interfaith marriages, group polarization theory, and religion and spirituality in couple and family therapy. Implications for therapy and possible directions for future research are also addressed.



Interdenominational couples, Experiences, Catholic, Protestant, Transcendent journeys