Fox Fox Flux

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University of Guelph

Fox Fox Flux is a coming of age novel chronicling almost a decade in the life of Pluto. With wide-ranging cultural and literary references including but not limited to Anton Chekhov, Adrienne Rich, Judith Butler, Shakespeare, Italo Calvino, Rachel Cusk, William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, and Johannes Brahms, the reader is taken on Pluto’s journey through unrequited teenage love, internalized misogyny, problematic friendships, being fetishized as an Asian woman, interracial relationships, the aftermath of rape, the dissolution of a committed relationship, and, life-changingly, the acquisition of a dog from an unexpected source—her rapist’s mother. These experiences all coalesce into a portrait of often self-deprecating and humorous dissatisfaction with heterosexuality, romance, and womanhood.