Knowledge, attitudes, and experiences of resource teachers and resource consultants in inclusive child care centres in Ontario

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Coulman, Laura

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University of Guelph


This study investigated experiences, attitudes, perceived self-efficacy, roles and responsibilities of resource teachers and consultants in order to illuminate some of the critical issues in inclusive child care programs in Ontario. Resource teachers and consultants represent an emerging sector of child care professionals who help to include children with special needs in regular child care programs. 89 centre-based resource teachers and 77 travelling resource teachers and consultants participated by responding to one of two survey questionnaires distributed through the Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario mailing list. Using descriptive statistics to analyze the data from an ecological perspective, participants were found to have positive attitudes toward inclusion and to feel confident in their abilities, despite coping with several stressors associated with working in an underfunded system. Education of resource teachers and consultants, and consistency with regard to position titles are some of the areas identified as needing critical evaluation.



experiences, attitudes, perceived self-efficacy, role, responsibilities, resource teacher, consultants, inclusive child care program, Ontario, child care professionals, special needs, child care program