The effects of supplemental trivalent chromium of endocrine and immune system interactions of the periparturient dairy cow



Ireland, Mary Jane

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University of Guelph


The mechanisms by which supplemental trivalent chromium (CrIII) alters immune responsiveness in cattle have not been characterized. The immunomodulatory potential of Cr(III) could be mediated through endocrine and immune system interactions. To test this hypothesis, ninety-nine periparturient Holstein cows were fed 5 mg of supplemental chelated Cr(III) three weeks prepartum and 10 mg for 6 weeks postpartum or a control supplement. Supplemental Cr(III) did not alter growth hormone, cortisol, insulin, insulin-like growth factor-I, glucose or betahydroxybutyrate concentrations. Moreover, insulin receptor characteristics of blood lymphocytes in early lactation heifers were not altered by dietary Cr(III) supplementation. Further, changes in hormone concentrations and Cr(III) supplementation were not associated with antibody response to ovalbumin or Escherichia coli, nor the lymphocytic proliferative responses to ovalbumin and concanavalin A during the periparturient period. Therefore, supplemental Cr(III) did not alter endocrine and immune system interactions during the periparturient period.



supplement, trivalent chromium, immune responsiveness, cattle, immunomodulatory potential, Cr(III), endocrine and immune system interactions, supplemental chelated Cr(III)