Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni growth, survival and biofilm formation using conventional and molecular methods

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Tang, Nan
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University of Guelph

This thesis studies the cultivation, biofilm formation and molecular detection of 'Campylobacter jejuni'. The effect of three different supplements on the growth of 'Campylobacter' spp. when used in four types of basal media was evaluated. Basal media Brucella broth, Mueller Hinton broth and Trypticase Soy broth, except for Brain Heart Infusion broth, supported growth showing a 4.6log10CFU/ml increase. The addition of either sheep blood or FBP, but not serum, fully restored the cultivation in Brain Heart Infusion broth. Static 'Campylobacter' biofilm formation was also investigated. About 100 fold higher biofilm ' Campylobacter' counts grown at 23°C aerobically than at 42°C microaerophilically were observed. Poorest biofilm development was found at 37°C aerobically. An increase of initial biofilm growth was observed when ' Campylobacter jejuni' biofilms were grown on surfaces precolonized with 'Pseudomonas putida'. Analysis of mixed biofilms detection with immunohistochemistry and 16S rRNA targeted fluorescent 'in situ ' hybridization (FISH) techniques, revealed a higher specificity of applying FISH detection to multi-species biofilms.

cultivation, biofilm formation, molecular detection, Campylobacter jejuni, supplements, growth, basal media