Does Greenness Matter? Understanding the Influence of "Green" on Customer Based Brand Equity

Sweeney, Ethan
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University of Guelph

The overall objective of this research project was to determine whether greenness can be conceptualized within the context of customer based brand equity, and to assess the influence of greenness on brand choice. Specifically, this thesis investigated how existing measures of Green Brand Equity can be combined with measures of customer based brand equity. This was investigated using Categorical Principal Component Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression. It was found that greenness loaded strongly on the Types of Brand Associations dimension within the customer based brand equity framework. The results also showed that the predictive ability of these principal components provided a better fit of the data relative to model parsimony. These findings have important managerial and theoretical contributions because they suggest that greenness is best conceptualized as a type of brand association, and highlights the similarity between the Types of Brand Associations and Uniqueness of Brand Associations constructs.

Brand Equity, Customer Based Brand Equity, Greenness, Green Brand Equity, Principal Component Analysis, Brand Choice, Logistic Regression, Marketing, Branding