Sitting livestock and poultry operations for the 21st Century - Symposium proceedings, Ottawa, Ontario, July 13 - 14, 1995

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Agriculture Canada

The need for this Symposium focussing on environmental and socio-economic issues related to the sitting of large livestock and poultry operations was identified as a priority item by the Expert Committee on Agricultural Structures, and supported by the Canada Committee on Animals, and the Canada Committee on Natural Resources, as well as the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council. As a result, a two-day event was organized for July 13-14 to immediately follow the Agricultural Institute of Canada and Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering conferences in Ottawa. The specific purposes of the Symposium were to: assess the current Canadian situation, identify research and technology transfer needs, and identify other related recommendations. These Proceedings contain general recommendations emanating from the symposium, recommendations forwarded to CARC, presentations of all invited speakers, results of discussion groups, and presentations of all members of the synthesis panel for the Symposium. Texts of the speakers are in the language of choice of the speaker.

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agriculture, environmental impact, industry, land use planning, policy, technology, biotechnology, engineering, nutrient management