A framework for implementing ecologically sustainable urban landscapes: Implications for a small town

Pinkerton, Kirsten
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University of Guelph

Taking a qualitative approach, this research investigates how principles of ecological sustainability might be applied to the urban landscapes of small towns. The research assimilated recognized urban landscape sustainability principles to develop a framework for more ecologically sustainable urban landscapes. Data was collected through a focused literature review and analyzed using concept mapping. The framework was then applied to the small town study site of Smithers, British Columbia, using the Town of Smithers Official Community Plan. The site study served to identify opportunities for developing more ecologically sustainable landscapes, and to evaluate the applicability of the Framework in the small town context. The study showed that while the Town of Smithers addressed many elements of the Framework in its existing policies, many opportunities remain. As a tool, the Framework was shown to be valuable for generating focused discussion on a broad range of issues, and at a variety of urban scales.

small town, ecologically sustainable, urban landscapes, Town of Smithers Official Community Plan, framework