A network layer supported service discovery protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Tyan, Jerry
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University of Guelph

Service discovery is an integral part of constructing self-configuring Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). While several service discovery protocols have been developed, most of them are designed for infrastructure-based networks and thus not suitable to be used in MANETs; and those that have been designed for MANETs suffer from two problems. Firstly, they have limited scalability due to the extensive use of broadcast communication. Secondly, they usually lack context aware selection mechanisms and come with reduced interaction standards. This thesis proposes a network layer supported comprehensive service discovery solution that addresses the above issues and provides solutions in two parts. First it discusses a location aware network layer routing protocol that groups mobile nodes into clusters where a gateway at each cluster is responsible for routing. Secondly, it utilizes directories for service discovery that interact with lower network layer gateway configurations. In addition, this service discovery solution includes an agent-based context aware service selection, and provides standard mechanisms for different types of service interaction.

network layer, service discovery protocol, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks