Perceived causes and consequences of drug abuse on the community of Khorog in Mountain Badakhshan Autonomous Province, Tajikistan

Aliberdieva, Madina
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the perceived causes and consequences of the drug abuse on the rural community of Khorog in MBAP, Tajikistan. The problem of drug abuse in Khorog developed to a considerable extent since the 1990's following the collapse of the Soviet Union and subsequent civil war in Tajikistan. This study represents an example of how the problem of drug abuse can be rooted to socio-economic concerns of the country. The purpose of this study to illustrate the issues that surround the drug abuse problem in the community of Khorog, with an intent to develop non-formal educational recommendations for reduction and prevention strategies and programs. The community study, which was the focus of the study, occurred during the two months of data collection in Khorog. Thirty-three primary participants and twelve secondary participants were interviewed during the data collection. The reactions to the interviews of these primary and secondary participants were analyzed and compared. Formal and semi-structured interviews with all the participants as well as participant and non-participant observation were the methods used during the data collection.

Drug abuse, Khorog, Tajikistan, Rural comminities, Socio-economic, Prevention programs