What Happened to Canada's Climate Action Plan (2002)? - A Collection

Lin, Alice
Santos, Miguel
McKeon, Kaila
Legros, Sara
McGlade, Kaitlyn
Greene, George
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Canada’s Climate Action plan was officially released in 2002 in response to the threat of a global crisis: climate change. This plan examines how Canada will meet its climate change commitments and is based on generally agreed scientific knowledge, which predicts disastrous long-term effects and immediate worrisome ones on the Canadian climate. The plan makes recommendations for industry, government, and individual involvement in meeting the challenge of climate change. It was put together from various 'consultations' with provinces and territories, industry, and non-governmental organizations. It also outlined both short as well as long-term actions and goals to assist in the successful transition of Canadian industries, and highlighted important values and principles to enable success. The plan is a three-step approach to meeting Canada’s target - a reduction of 240 megatonne from the protected “business-as-usual” emission level in 2010. However, the existence of this plan seemed to have fizzled since it was introduced and a team of senior Environmental Governance students from the University of Guelph decided to investigate this case to find out what happened to Canada's 2002 Climate Action Plan.

Created as part of the course GEOG 4990 (2013 offering)
Canada's Climate Action Plan 2002