Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Cunningham, Shannon
Bergen, Anne
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Mavis Morton creates and supports opportunities for community-university partners to work together to address community-identified issues. The CJPP Student-Community Research Group is working together to evaluate Guelph Wellington's First Response Protocol for sexual assault/domestic violence.

Mavis Morton is an Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. In her research, she plays an integral part in bringing together students, academic colleagues and community members/partner/agencies to work together to produce mutually beneficial outputs that work to address community needs and questions. For more information about Mavis Morton’s research, please go to her website at The Criminal Justice and Public Policy Student-Community Research Group consists of two University of Guelph graduate students, Sara Crann (PhD Candidate) and Danielle Bader (MA Student), and two Guelph-Wellington service providers, Melissa Horan (Health Promotion Specialist, WDG Public Health) and Linzy Bonham (Coordinator, Guelph-Wellington Action Committee on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence). This research group works in collaboration with Mavis Morton (Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph). The group is engaged in community evaluation research that hears from women and service providers about the extent to which the current response to sexual assault and domestic violence works for women who have disclosed experiences of violence and service providers who use the First Response Protocol. For more information about this research, please contact Mavis Morton through her website at
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