The Connection Between Coding Habits and Coding Success

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Dougan, Scott
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University of Guelph

Many college and university students struggle to grasp programming con- cepts during their introductory courses. This could be partially caused by the transition towards e-learning software in education which reduces hands- on learning and makes it difficult for instructors to know which students are struggling. This thesis proposes an e-learning system plug-in which allows stu- dents to write programs in a web-based development environment, while at the same time logging students’ actions. The logs of coding actions, visually observed events, and participants self-reports were recorded as participants’ completed programming exercises. This data was later analyzed to examine the connections between coding habits and success on programming tasks. By providing more opportunity for hands-on programming practice and helping to inform instructors of the areas in which their students are lacking understand- ing, the learning experience for students in computer science can be greatly improved.

coding habits, coding success, e-learning, moodle plug-in