Pesticide monitoring in Kintore Creek 1990 final report

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Johnston, Susan
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Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

This is a final report for the year of 1990 in fulfillment of the study output requirements of the Pesticide Monitoring in Kintore Creek contract. This report contains a summary of data collected during 1990 and water quality data for 1989. Analysis of this information will be presented in a future report. The purpose of this study is multi-fold. Comparison of the data from both west and east sub-basins will help to assess the impacts that conservation farming practices have on reducing pesticide delivery to the watercourse. Data collected will be utilized to identify pesticides of concern from a water quality perspective for the Inland Waters Directorate. Field data on atrazine and metolachlor are needed to assist in determining Canadian Water Quality Guidelines. Baseline field data will also show the possible effects of agricultural pesticides on water quality. The objectives for the year 1990 were to collect biweekly water samples, sample storm events, and conduct a pesticide usage and crop acreage survey for all landowners.

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pesiticide, pesticide delivery, conservation farming practices, water quality