Anaerobic digestion of broiler chicken manure

Hilborn, Victoria
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the economic viability of digesting broiler chicken manure in Ontario. The first study determined the most consistent results, as measured by standard deviation, for the Owen ' et al.' (1979) Biochemical Methane Potential Test (BMP), were found to occur with 20% nutrient solution and 10% inoculum. The second study indicated that particle size reduction was the only effective pretreatment technology to increase biogas generation for broiler chicken manure, ana thermal and alkaline pre-treatments, were inconsistent or reduced the biogas generated, respectively. The final study used a 12-L bench-scale anaerobic digester, which used broiler chicken manure as its sole substrate at loading rates of 1gVS/L/day and 2gVS/L/day. At the lower loading rate, the digester produced 554 ± 207 L biogas/kg of broiler chicken manure. At the higher loading rate, the digester failed to produce biogas.

economic viability, broiler chicken, manure, biogas, Ontario, anaerobic digestion