Developing a Framework for Designing "Resilient Citylands" through Community Participation

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Christy, Elena R. A.
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University of Guelph

The Resilient Citylands concept proposes a new approach to designing landscapes to address issues related to climate change, peak resources, habitat loss, and urbanization. This new approach emphasizes interactions of green-blue and built infrastructure and a reintegration of urban-rural areas. The goal of this research was to operationalize the Resilient Citylands concept into a working framework. A participatory design (PD) case study was completed to evaluate the framework. The framework was developed using key literature, key informant interviews, a site visit, and observations and reflections of the PD process. Results were analyzed for strengths and weakness of the framework, and opportunities and threats of applying this framework using PD. Preliminary results demonstrate the framework is helpful to inform design decisions in a PD setting. Further consideration is required to explore means of increasing community buy-in. Additional application of the framework is recommended.

Civic Agriculture, Community-Based Design, KW (Kitchener-Waterloo) Habilitation, Green-Blue Infrastructure, Participatory Design, Transdisciplinary Design, Urban-Rural Integration