Women's Participation in Community Radio in Bangladesh

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Anwar, Mahmuda
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University of Guelph

This study is about women’s engagement in community radio (CR) in Bangladesh which is a relatively new innovation in the country. The thesis seeks to describe the current situation of how CR facilitates women’s access to and participation in media content, organizational structure, and media facilities. The analysis focuses on various levels of women’s participation as listeners, programmers and managers in community media. Methods used in the study include key informant interviews, semi-structured interviews, and observation. Community radio creates interest among women listeners in communities by using local content in local languages as well as providing opportunities for women to be involved with local media. The study finds however, that women are not participating at a level where they can manage communication processes or use their own knowledge and resources. The study concludes that in order to sustain community media, women need to be recognized and involved as an important part of the community. This study supports that women want to own their communication processes through developing their capacity in community radio.

community radio, women, participation, Bangladesh