"Text Me....Maybe". A Goal Driven Mobile Advertising Model

Totino, Rosanna
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the role of media consumption goals and involvement with the medium within a mobile advertising model. Much of the mobile advertising research focuses on the role of message related characteristics on attitude toward the mobile ad. More focus is needed in understanding the role of medium related variables . This represents rich and largely unexplored territory and is now more important as media options and audience fragmentation increases. We propose a focus on why individuals choose to use media and on their involvement with the medium. Four hundred and eighty-nine undergraduate students participated in an in-lab, online survey and the data was analysed using Structural Equation Modeling. Our findings support that a positive attitude toward the mobile ad is primarily the result of an experiential use of the medium that signals stronger involvement with the medium and renders mobile advertising, goal relevant.

mobile, medium, advertising, goals, involvement