Processing Tomato Cultivar Trials Research Report 1997

Loewen, S.A.
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Ridgetown College, University of Guelph
This report summarizes the results of the processing tomato variety trials during the 1997 season. In the past this work has emphasized the identification and recommendation of tomato cultivars suited for wholepack processing. The industry in Ontario continues to look to other types of tomato products and in particular diced products. The trait of fruit firmness will take on even greater importance that in the past. As always the trials were conducted on a variety of soil types, and in a number of different growing areas in order to provide information on adaptability of cultivars over the entire growing area, as well as to provide some information as to which varieties may be best suited for specific tomato production areas in Ontario. The reader will find results from both the field performance (ie. yield trials), fruit characteristics (including size, uniformity, firmness and others), processing performance (ie. peeling trials) and juice quality characteristics in order to provide a more complete picture of a cultivar's suitability for the industry. New Information for 1997: There are two new tables in the report this year showing the potential fruit recovery and potential total recovery. These numbers are calculated based on an additional weight of peeled samples measured during the evaluations this year. It is recognized that for cultivar evaluation purposes the peeling process needs to be kept consistent but in a commercial situation the aggressive action of the peeling process can be adjusted for cultivar and harvest conditions. An explanation in the text of the report, along with the accompanying tables provides more detailed information on this.
tomato, field performance, yield, fruit characteristics, processing performance, juice quality, cultivar, variety trials