The Development of the Complimentary Energy Decision Support Tool (CEDST) Platform, Solar Photovoltaic Calculator and Integration of other renewable and alternative energy calculators into CEDST

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Roth, Daniel E.
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University of Guelph

Renewable and alternative energy technologies have become increasingly popular in Ontario over the last few years. Part of this increase has been from the Feed-In-Tariff incentive that pays Ontarians an amount per kWh generated by some of these technologies onto the central electricity grid. Between residential, commercial and agricultural settings, agriculture operations and locations offer an abundance of resources that make renewable energy systems attractive. The big question being asked by Ontario farmers is what renewable or alternative energy technology is best or most economical for their particular location and operation? The solution to that question is the Complimentary Energy Decision Support Tool (CEDST). This application combines Solar Photovoltaic, Wind Turbine, Geothermal, Anaerobic Digester, Solar Thermal and Energy Conservation calculators into one tool that compares the feasibility of each technology. This thesis specifically presents the development of the CEDST platform which is used as the delivery method for each of the individual calculators, the creation of the Solar Photovoltaic calculator and methodology behind determining if a solar photovoltaic system is a feasible solution, as well as, the integration of all the other individual calculators developed by the rest of the CESDT team into the CEDST platform.

Renewable Energy, Solar Photovoltaic Calculator, Solar Energy, Agriculture, Decision Support Tool, Google Earth, Complimentary Energy Decision Support Tool, CEDST