Water and sediment quality from the Sanya region, Hainan, China, and its implications

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Mo, Alexina
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the water and sediment quality in the Sanya region of Hainan Island, China. Four major rivers were chosen for this study: Ning Yuan River, Shaoqui River, Sanya River/Sanya harbour and Teng Qiao River. Parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand, nitrate, phosphate, and bacterial pollution were measured on sites. Studies have found that most of the rivers within the Sanya region are currently all at a "healthy" state. However, bacterial contamination is of concern and should be monitored closely. Phosphate concentrations in the rivers should also be monitored as measured values shows signs of warning. The ability of soils and river sediments samples to retain phosphate was also investigated along with the amount of extractable iron and aluminum.

water quality, sediment quality, Sanya Region, Hainan, China, bacterial contamination, phosphate