Evaluating NGOs' use of the Internet as a tool to assist their work with unconnected community stakeholders



McConnell, Scott Kenneth

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University of Guelph


This thesis is an investigation of the previously ignored role of the Internet in non-governmental organizations' (NGOs) work with their unconnected, non-Internet using community stakeholders in Uganda. Using an evaluation framework designed for this research, a number of barriers to NGOs' effective and efficient use of the Internet to assist their unconnected stakeholders were identified. The research recommends: (1) comprehensive email and web training for NGO staff; (2) improving NGOs' gender equality with respect to use of and access to the web; (3) expanding the number of information gatekeepers within the organizations; (4) allotting time each week for NGO staff members to utilize the web; and (5) donor guarantees for maintenance of NGOs' monthly Internet costs to protect them from funding delays. Through increasing the capacity of the NGO staff members to utilize the Internet it is believed that the benefits and impacts felt by the unconnected will be even greater.



NGOs, Internet, Tool, Community stakeholders, Unconnected