The Effect of Labelling Genetically Modified Products on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour

Baynham, Andrew
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University of Guelph

Through this research we seek to determine if adding GM or GE labels to food products effects the probability of a product being purchased. We used a novel method to provide participants with a realistic environment. Data was collected using an experimental grocery store combined with eye tracking data to determine the effectiveness of GM, GE, non-GMO and organic labels. The product of choice was granola bars. Participants could choose from 4 types of bars, or they could choose to not make a choice (no granola bars). We used a multinomial logit and marginal effects at the means to analyze the data. The results for non-GMO and organic labels suggest that consumers are able to differentiate between non-GMO and GM products using those two labels. The results for the GM and GE labels were inconsistent, this may indicate that consumers did not use the information provided by those labels.

Genetically modified food, Labelling, Eye tracking, Experimental grocery store, Choice experiment