Report on water quality in Loughborough Lake 1972

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Surveys were carried out in Loughborough Lake in 1972 in May, July, and September, to evaluate the present status of the water quality with respect to bacteria, algae and aquatic plant growth. Plant nutrient and dissolved oxygen concentrations in the surface and bottom waters were determined. The lake is in Frontenac County and lies within two distinct bedrock regions in an area characterized by shallow, well-drained soil, rolling terrain, and frequent marshy areas. The shoreline is generally steeply sloping and has soil cover less than the 1.5 meters (5 feet) required by the Ministry of the Environment for the installation of standard subsurface septic tank systems. The bacteriological water quality was generally good; however, during the July survey there were indications of more bacteria gaining access to the lake, probably due to runoff washed in by the rainfall two days prior to the survey. The lack of rainfall during the surveys means that the results are essentially representative of dry weather conditions. Chemical water quality was also good and low numbers of algae were present in the water. Dissolved oxygen concentrations were generally high but by September had decreased in the bottom waters of the Western Basin to minimum concentrations required for supporting sensitive fish such as trout. Aquatic plants of at least 10 different species were visible in shallow areas near the inlets.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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water quality, plant nutrients, algae, concentration of bacteria, aquatic plant density, aquatic plant species, shoreline development, bacteriology, water chemistry, water treatment, septic tank, phosphorus, eutrophication